We are a FOOD TRUCK Operators


We understand how exciting the idea of a new venture can be. The attraction of being your own boss. Of having your own food business. Of not being tied to a long lease that can strangle you. And the ability to move to wherever your customers are. That puts you in a FOOD TRUCK. YOU have the idea, WE can help you make it a reality!

Food Trucks Cape Town


MobFIN provides fit for purpose financing solutions for entrepreneurs and companies, wanting to start or expand a food truck business. We specialize in helping your dreams of business success become your future. And, we can help you find the Food Truck best suited to your needs and provide the financial assistance to make it yours.


We are entrepreneurs ourselves and we understand the critical role that finance plays in starting or growing a business. We have expert knowledge of the opportunities offered in the food truck industry for entrepreneurs in creating successful businesses and employment opportunities. Too often what is missing is a partner who sees the same opportunities as you do. Who understands that with determination and hard work, you can succeed, and who is willing to help you start that journey.

MOBFIN is that partner!


Our focus on the FOOD TRUCK industry gives us a unique understanding of the massive opportunities which exist, and a clear idea of how to be successful. Our association with mobEATS, the industry leader in all things Food Tuck, allows us to guide you through all the challenges you will face, and propose solutions to easily convert those challenges in to opportunities. Whether you need assistance with menu design, navigating the regulatory minefield, social media strategy to promote your business, accounting advice to run your business, and so much more, mobEATS will provide a solution, tailored specifically for your food truck business.



A group of entrepreneurs who have seen the future. The Food Truck Revolution is sweeping the world, from Portland to Melbourne, Rio to Mumbai, and now it’s HERE. While the advantages are huge, including low entry costs, no long-term property leases, easy to operate, the one overriding barrier that exists, is availability of finance. So often that is the challenge which keeps the most exciting idea, well…just an idea. MOBFIN is committed to breaking that barrier and providing the access to finance which allows you to transform your idea, into a business reality. We are entrepreneurs, helping entrepreneurs!

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