The App 

Inclusion of your Food Truck on the mobEATS APP, which is the premier Food Truck portal in South Africa, confirms to consumers that you are a part of the food truck scene. The profile this positions you in consumers minds, whether they are looking for a meal right now, or planning a event, or looking for a Food Truck to service their staff. Register on the APP to be seen and requested.

The Sous Chef

Food Truck listing on the mobEATS app – includes truck name and image

The Head Chef

Includes current location, future locations, search, full menu, all truck contact details, currently operating, or not

The Executive Chef

Includes online ordering, online payment, delivery option and notifications

The power of social media to inform and persuade, is indisputable in today’s connected world. And this is nowhere more relevant than for the FOOD TRUCK target market. In this growing industry, you want to STAND OUT from the crowd, build your brand, encourage and communicate directly with loyal customers and potential customers.

Our solution achieves those objectives and takes the mystery and tediousness of communicating in this critical space, away from you, allowing you to focus on what you do best, serving your customers



       Easy as Pie social media package

Set up of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which includes aligning with your business identity, your logo and fonts and incorporating THREE unique customized posts per platform. You will also receive a handy “how to” document detailing how best to positively maximise each platform while creating the most reach and engagement amongst your followers (customers)


   Website package

When potential food truck customer google search you, put your best face forward with a professional website, telling them instantly who you are, what you do, and how to contact you. Build your customer base immediately

  • Create a 3 page WordPress website.
  • Home page (incl social media links), contact page, menu page,
  • Up to 10 email addresses, includes domain registration and hosting for 12 months




       Hand Holder social media solution

After setting up your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, you remain focused on running your food truck successfully so let us ease the pressure and manage your social media to ensure constant attention, maximised positive exposure, commenting and responding to customer queries, compliments and complaints. This package includes FOUR unique customized posts per month on each platform



  • Sourcing of stock images – Source images to use in creating your content
  • Create individual post – In addition to the solution above, create additional posts to communicate specific and / or urgent messages
  • 15 & 30 second videos – Create exciting videos to entice your customers

Post boosting – Extend your reach and carefully target new opportunities with focused boosting

As with any business, your “look and feel”, incorporating your name, brand, logo, truck design, and menu, is what creates your corporate identity. And even so in this industry, this is what attracts your customers and helps to clearly make you STAND OUT, in a crowded field. With our intimate knowledge of the Food Truck space, we can guide you to a design solution that allows your business to attract the crowds



   Corporate Identity Design

Logo design, business cards (500 cards printed), letterhead (for print & email), email signature, corporate identity style guide


   Truck Design

Branding design for your truck, aligned with your brand, menu, and identity. Research, design and presentation of three branding options which include mock ups onto the vehicle


   Menu design

Design your menu, aligned with your brand, and Truck design, to achieve maximum impact, at the critical moment of decision making by your customers



  • Logo design Logo design with 3 proposed designs produced    
  • Business card design – three proposed business card options, and includes printing of 500 cards
  • Letterhead design – Design of three letterhead options
  • Company identity brand style guide – Develop a style guide to align all design elements, now and in the future, to ensure that your brand continues to add to the value of your business
  • Photography – Photography taken of your food truck, menu items, trading events, which can be used to create professional promotional items on social media, advertising, web sites, etc

Running your Food Truck business as a company offers you huge advantages. It keeps your business separate from your private life, which in turn allows you to see clearly whether your business is making money, and how much.

If you ever decide to sell your business, the asset you have built up is in fact THE BUSINESS, and not just the truck, and if your hard work resulted in a successful business, then you should realize substantially more from the sale. It’s the entrepreneurs dream.



       Company Set Up 

Registration of a Company in South Africa



  • Public Officer Registration at SARS
  • VAT Registrationat SARS
  • PAYE Registrationat SARS
  • Provisional Tax Registration at SARS
  • UIF Registrationat Department of Labour
  • Workmans Compensation Fund Registration
  • Annual Return of Earnings submission and receiving a letter of good standing from Compensation Commissioner if yearly return is paid up

Keeping a proper set of accounts for your business allows you to see clearly whether your business is making money and how much. Looking at the accounts lets you see where you can improve the performance of your business, how to manage your purchases better, cut costs and become more efficient. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that it allows you to show how successful your business is, so if you ever want to access a loan, you have a track record to show the lender, or even if you want to sell your business, you can show how successful it is and realize substantially more from the sale



       Accounting Set Up 

Install and implement Sage Business Cloud. Accounting Install and Implement Sage Business Cloud One. Setup of software and general ledger and customers and supplier fields. Introduction of software limited to 6 hours consultation




       Monthly Bookkeeping 

Monthly bookkeeping solution – processing of all transactions on Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

Provide Monthly Management Accounts every month, to provide a clear view of the business performance in the past month, allowing for sound decisions to be made for the month ahead and beyond



  • Accounting Consultation with an accountant
  • Submission of PAYE Return
  • Submission of VAT Return
  • Submission of Provisional Tax ReturnTri-annually submitting of company or individual tax return
  • Compiling of Annual Financial Statements for a company
  • Submission of IT14 (Annual Tax Return)– Company

With no government policy for Food Trucks, there is a great deal of uncertainty regarding what regulations apply, not least of which by the government departments themselves. We provide a Comprehensive regulation checklist and supporting regulations that guide operators to full compliance in terms of food safety. Guidance is given in how to ensure full regulatory certification, how to meet requirements to pass any inspection, and how to ensure that your food meets all safety standards



   Quality Standards Compliance                                          

Comprehensive regulation checklist for FOOD TRUCKS, and supporting regulations, that guides operators to full compliance in terms of food safety.

  • Provides easy to follow steps to achieve compliance
  • Guidance in how to ensure full regulatory certification, and how to ensure that your food meets all safety standards
  • Food truck operating guidelines and permit conditions prepared by expert Quality Standards Manager and specifically tailored to food truck operations


   Quality Standards Consulting

Benefit from dedicated consulting which will help you achieve a higher level of Quality Standards compliance for your FOOD TRUCK.  Deal with, and resolve, specific issues, or get a better understanding of how provide the highest level of quality and food safety in your customer experience. Learn to comply with the requirements of any customer, landlord, or event organizer.

  • Training in and implementation of food safety requirements according to a variety of standards
  • Conducting gap analyses against food safety standards
  • Microbiological risk assessments
  • Internal food safety audits
  • Food safety – related regulatory compliance

Preparing food to provide a delicious offering to your customers is the crux of your business. To do this effectively and efficiently, is the crux of your profitability. Our solution will help you achieve both objectives, by providing guidance developed specifically for the Food Truck industry, by our consultant chefs.


       Food Preparation Guide 

  • Standard Operating Procedures – prepared by our expert consulting chef. Specifically designed for food truck operations, includes:
  • Mobile kitchen layout and ergonomics​, mobile food prep methods​, recipes​, guideline to Food Truck facilities and operation requirements​, mobEATS 4 P’s of planning – operation guideline​, guideline to basics of customer service​

       Chef Consulting 

  • Expert consultation with Chef relating to SOP’s, food preparation, food production and customer service

        Menu Development & Costing 

  • Expert consultation with Chef relating to menu development, and costing

Skilled staff contribute to your ability to trade profitably, by providing efficient services to you and to your customers. Increase output, reduce wastage and improve customer service. Our solution strives to easily match skilled staff with your needs, letting you focus on your business, instead of HR.


       Temporary Staff Provision 

  • Temporary staff sourced by MobEATS and supplied by The Cape Town Hotel School
  • Staff supplied are students trained in food preparation techniques, kitchen health & safety and with real food service experience
  • All staff come dressed in chef’s jacket, trousers and appropriate food wear as standard
  • All staff bring their own set of knives and basic essential food service utensils

You’re part of a community. Get the benefit

With FoodSupply you can trade with all your suppliers on a single system, you’ll get access to live pricing, stock availability and the latest promotions


FoodSupply is a marketplace for restaurants and their suppliers.


We bring restaurants and suppliers together and then help them grow long term business relationships.


FoodSupply allows restaurants and suppliers to share critical information like pricing, stock availability and delivery times in real time.

Live Pricing

Always see the latest prices when you order, no next day surprises.

Instant Orders

Receive immediate feedback on stock availability and expected delivery date and time.

Better Suppliers

FoodSupply continiously monitors supplier service levels and actively help them improve on it.