Here we explore THE LATEST NEWS in Cape Town and Johannesburg’s food truck industry – Helpful tips to maintaining your business and get quotes for our hired service!

Perfect places to have your wedding

Finding a catering service for your wedding could be a tedious task especially when you have so many other things

Gerkin Juice: Food Truck Friend Or Foe

In this article we explain the benefits of gherkin juice. Is it your food truck friend or enemy?    

Most Popular Food Truck Meal: Winter

The most popular food truck meal for winter does not imply that it is the best, but it is simply

Coca Cola: the new energy drink

Coca-Cola or Coke, is a carbonated soft drink manufactured by The Coca-Cola Company.   Food trucks around the world serve Coca-Cola and the mobEATS food trucks


Over the last few years Food Trucks in Johannesburg have become a very exciting way to eat and enjoy food.

#1 Food Truck Manufacturer

Welcome to mobEATS were we will cover the number one food truck manufacturer, in our opinion! If you are looking to


Buying a food truck in South Africa can be an intimidating adventure, especially when you don’t know where to start

Food truck inspiration for the entrepreneur

Food Trucks was thought to be a passing trend, something that the world would forget about after a few years,

5 best foods to sell in your food trucks

This list will help you identify the best foods to sell out of your food truck. Food is the third


Make your guests remember your special day by booking a food truck. On your big day you want to relax and

How to store food in your Food Truck

  DID YOU KNOW? If you are able to store food at temperatures below 5°C or above 60°C, you can

Food Truck Events

Finding great Food Truck Events and sites to go to every day is highly important for your success as a

Food Trucks: The Mobile Food Businesses

Mobile Food Businesses have a long history and have been established as one of the quickest growing markets in the

11 Halaal Food Trucks Cape Town

11 Halaal Food Trucks Cape Town is motivated to giving our Muslim people in Cape Town a chance to expand


When starting your Food Truck journey you need to make sure you have the food truck license sorted! Maybe you

Trend-Setting Food Truck

As the popularity of Cape Town food trucks increase, there is an ever-growing pressure to keep customers intrigued. Event organizers


Quality Food trucks allow a great and clever way to test a restaurant concept, develop your consumer base. The Food

Temperature is key!

How you handle food in your Cape Town food truck matters. With enough warmth, moisture, and nutrients, one bacterium can


In the last few years, Food Trucks seem to have taken over the food scene – if you are looking

Food Trucks Johannesburg

It wasn’t that long ago that if Joburgers wanted to find a Food Trucks for a quick bite, weddings or

30+ best food trucks operating in Joburg

Looking for a food truck in Johannesburg? This is the mobEATS directory of the 30+ best food trucks operating in


If you want to hire a Food Truck for your next big event then look no further. We have access

Book a food truck

Planning a professional event or require a caterer to get the best for your next private function. Book a food truck!

Food Trucks for Sale South Africa!

People all over South Africa are entering the food truck industry. There has been a meteoric rise in popularity of

Booking a food truck for your wedding

Booking a food truck for your wedding, or haven’t even had this thought cross your mind?   Whether you are

80+ Cape Town Food Trucks that you can follow!

mobEATS invites you to 80+ Cape Town Food Trucks that you can follow! Cape Town Food Trucks has become one

World Food Safety Day

Food Safety is a huge concern for consumers around the world. For World Food Safety Day we have put together this

How Safe are Meals from Food Trucks?

How safe is it to grab meals from food trucks?   With cost-effective, chic fare, like gourmet waffles, loaded nachos

How to avoid cross-contamination in your food truck?

Most food borne illnesses can be prevented through proper food handling. The World Health Organisation’s Five Keys to Safer Foods is

Booking a food truck to cater for your events!

Food trucks are a great way to cater for your private events. Food truck catering adds a uniqueness that traditional

Cape Town food truck’s five keys to food safety

As a food truck owner you need implement and adhere to food safety management systems.Throughout this blog, the five keys

How much does it cost to open your own Franchise?

Burgers in South Africa create big business. Three of the top six franchise fast food brands that produced the most

Cape Town food comes under scrutiny

Research suggests that more than double the reported cases of food poisoning are linked to restaurants and food trucks. Pressure

Cape Town’s Food Trucks

Cape Town is famous for its postcard perfect backdrops. It also boasts a foodie culture driven by people enjoying a

Quality Standards – What the fuss! (Episode 2)

At mobEATS we explore how Cape Town’s food truck industry can influence change. Making you more aware of contaminated foods.

Book a Food Truck for your wedding!

Book a food truck for your wedding! MobEATS offers convenience and peace of mind. Does the idea of a Food

Food Trucks for Sale Cape Town

Whether you’re finishing up a cooking school or you’re an established restaurateur! Look at us for a great way to

Quality Standards – What the fuss! (Episode 1)

We will release a two part article about public health and make you more aware of contaminated foods. Helping you

The importance of social media to grow your Food Truck sales

Social media has become an important tool for many brands across the food industry. At mobEATS we urge Cape Town

The keys to becoming a profitable Food Truck business in Cape Town

We have constructed a list of best food truck practices that anyone can use in their journey to success! Many

The benefits of using an APP for your business

MobEATS has recently launched a new APP – ready to connect Cape Town to the food truck industry. Become a

Becoming a South African entrepeneur

How can you become a South African entrepreneur? Do you want to own your own business? At mobEATS we encourage

Want to join the Cape Town food truck scene?

Want to start your own restaurant, but don’t have the necessary capital to do so? A food truck is the

The rise and rise of the food truck industry

Eating from the food truck industry used to mean a greasy boerie roll outside a stadium or nightclub, but things